Wrapping Things Up

As the semester is drawing to a close I thought I would take some time to reminisce on my blogging experience. I never saw myself as someone who would write on a blog but I did actually find it p33526abaa3f0bda8bba2b1bd4571b833retty enjoyable. I think I would continue a blog that was not about reading and more about lifestyle aspects of life. I love learning about things like fitness and style.
I’m basically a Pinterest addict and I’m not ashamed. That being said this more than likely will be my last post on this blog. I don’t see myself having the time to make a new one in the near future either. But hey who knows maybe I’ll be sparked some type of inspiration and I’ll be back up on a blog. I have always been jealous of the fashion bloggers I follow, they have the best job honestly it’s not fair.

Doing blog comments was interesting to me as I like to see others opinions on the books they have read. I am a very picky reader so seeing what others say first sometimes gets me more motivated to pick up the book. Having the extra push to read books was good for me as I think I read more this semester than I have in a year or two, (not something to be too proud of lol). Maybe I’l keep up this reading streak but it’s highly unlikely in my busy life. My summer will be spent on the beach lifeguarding while taking four online classes at the same time. It’s a good thing I like having a packed schedule because when this semester ends it does not seem like I will be getting a break. Well I hope you all enjoyed my book reviews and I was a vaguely interesting blog to read. The Stylish Lifeguard is signing out.

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