The Final Score on Friday Night Lights

9780306824203_pbFriday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger was a tough book for me to finish. However, I did make it the end of this 357 page book. Odessa, Texas is where this book is placed and I for sure would never want to live there. The fact that the author moved his family there to write this book is so crazy to me. The town is centered around high school football, everyone there seems to live and breathe it, but it’s not a simple place to call home. Drama is all over the place and the head coach, Coach Gaines, never can seem to get it all under control. The characters are all very diverse and have very different backgrounds. One of the players, Boobie Miles was one of the star players expected to bring the team to states. However he goes on to suffer an injury that may or may not of ruined his football career. Though it may seem like they all love football some players seem to question if they really think it is worth it. Ivory Christian another top player who has the ritual of throwing up before every game, especially questions his motives. All of the players seem to struggle with their own issues which makes this book have a different dynamic than many others. A lot of things go on to happen but I’m gonna leave that for you to find out on your own.

“We don’t have a large university that has thirty or forty thousand students in it. We don’t have the art museum that some communities have and are world-renowned. When somebody talks about West Texas, they talk about football.”

All in all I did enjoy the book I just had a hard time staying focused on the story. The way Bissinger described the town and the people in it was my favorite part. I really felt like I could picture this little football-lovin’ Texas town. I thought I would enjoy it a lot more considering I loved the TV series but they are very different. The only similarities I noticed was some of the characteristics of the characters. I’m glad I read this as it’s different than anything else I have read recently.


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