Vol to a Gator

Me in my confused state of mind dressed in Tennessee orange with my friends last semester.

My life is nothing too spectacular but I guess I’m not completely boring. These 10 facts about myself will most likely not blow you away but I like to think I have accomplished some pretty cool things in my 19 years of life so far.

  • I’m from Ormond Beach, FL.
  • I am a lifeguard on the beach in Daytona Beach, and yes I have had to actually save people.
  • I love art and had a painting I did displayed in US Capital building last year.
  • I just transferred here from the University of Tennessee.
  • I am a journalism major at the moment but that is likely to change.
  • I am a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority.
  • I hope to transfer to The University of Florida in the fall.
  • I want to become a freelance graphic designer and plan to pursue that at UF as long as I am accepted…pray for me.
  • I have visited over 20 different countries, mostly in Europe.
  • I realized I wanted to transfer to UF during the Florida Tennessee game this year when I couldn’t help but want to cheer the gators on, even though they did lose (but they sure came back over Tennessee after that).

Starting over here in Gainesville has been a wonderful experience so far. I thought I was going to hate having to take classes at Santa Fe but I’ve found it to be pretty enjoyable. I have met people who are nothing but nice and I can’t wait to see what else comes from my time spent here. I have plans to work very hard while I’m here so I can move on to UF and get the degree I have always wanted to earn. Tennessee was just a minor detour on my route to becoming a Gator and I’m very glad I am now back on track.


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